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arett sales national prime source outsourced image photo Outsourced Logistics:
National PrimeSource is positioned to handle all of your distribution needs through our 20 distribution centers strategically located throughout the United States. All 3,250,000 sq ft of modern distribution space is RF equipped for shipping and receiving. Click here for a complete overview of NPS distribution centers.

NPS Distribution Service Include:
• Warehousing – NPS provides flexible warehouse space
  matching seasonal needs and transforming fixed costs
  into variable costs
• Shipping – NPS reduces freight costs through timely
  consolidated shipments (24 hr order turnaround &
  72 hr delivery)
• Inventory Management – Experienced buyers and
  computerized forecasting places the right products in
  the right place at the right time – NPS carries 8 weeks
  of inventory
• Order Processing – NPS' systems quickly and efficiently
  speed orders to customer
• Light and Custom Assembly – NPS creates special
  pallet configurations, performs light assembly and
  products cost-effective displays
• Consolidated Invoicing – NPS will consolidate multiple
  store orders to provide one invoice
• Custom Price Stickers and Packing Slips – NPS will
  create custom price stickers and branded packing slips
  for unique business relationships
• Customized Reporting – NPS manages inventory, tracks
  sales, monitors order fill performance and bills customers
  for sales, inventory and POS

• Retail Compliance Management – NPS provides all EDI
  formats and manages all retailer requirements
• Domestic Backup – NPS warehouses and ships products
  in support of retailers who import directly

Providing Consolidated EDI Solutions…
• 810 Invoicing
• 812 Credit/Debit
• 820 Remittance Advice
• 831 Control Totals
• 846 Inventory Advice
• 850 Purchase Orders
• 855 Order Acknowledgement
• 856 ASN (Advance Ship Notice)
• 860 PO Change Request
• 864 Text Message
• 997 Functional Acknowledgement
• 852 POS Information Transaction
• 211 Trucker Bill of Lading
• 210 Freight Invoice

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